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A solution for:

  • Driveways
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Pools and more

Why our system?

Your existing concrete will be impervious to salts, deicing gents, and other elements that cause its deterioration over time. In addition, maintenance will be easy as mold, mildew and stains simply hose off.

In addition, Concrete Technology's Systems are:

• Freeze/Thaw resistant • Fade resistant

• Alkali resistant • Stain resistant

• Twice the strength of normal concrete • Easier to maintain than concrete

• Heat-resistant • Salt resistant

Practical applications

F1 Fast Floor

The CTi Fl Fast Floor Finish Offers cutting edge nano-technology which combines the most desirable traits of both epoxies…

Stone Classic

CTi’s Stone Classic System is a true state-of-the-art coating that resurfaces Old and new concrete around the home. It is perfect for areas where…


Resurfacing a driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway or even a vertical surface is easy and cost effective with CTi’s Hallmark Svstem.


The CTi Acrylistain finish provides your home with the rich, warm look of concrete stain while giving your floors a tough as nails…


CTI provides a number of solutions for your business and industrial needs. Whether it’s providíng your company’s logo to the entrance to your business…

Euro Bond

CTi’s Euro Bond System provides you with the ability to have custom marble or granite surfaces in a fraction of the time and expense when compared…

Reflective Floor

CTi’s Reflective Finish provides you with the ability to have the look of custom marble or granite surfaces in a fraction of the time and expense…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is it?

We generally apply our systems on old concrete between 3/32″ to 1/8″.  CTl’s systems are thin layered cements that, when properly applied after the original surface is prepared, adhere to the concrete through the use of modified acrylics.

What color does it come in?

We have a variety of standard colors to choose from.

How long does it take to do a job?

An average job Will take 1-2 days. Larger, more complex jobs may take longer. Clean foot traffic is usually allowed within 24 hrs.

Will pool water, chlorine, muriatic acid or bleach stain the CTI System?

No, the sealer we apply to our system in not affected by the chemicals.

How do you treat cracks?

Cracks are ground out with a crack chaser to produce a “v”. A two part epoxy is then introduced into the crack and Will rebond the crack.

Can the CTI System be applied to walls?

Yes, however, multiple spray coats are needed to reduce rebound or waste.

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